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Custom and Standard Magnetic Products

Soprano Technologies designs and manufactures cost effective transformers and inductors for the power supply, avionics, military, medical, test & measurement, industrial, automotive and commercial applications.

Soprano Technologies is positioned to support the variety of needs of all major markets. We comply with ISO standards and UL, EN60950, UL 60601, CSA certifications. Our products are RoHS compliant and lead (Pb) free.

Standard and Custom Inductors and Transformers

High Current Chokes and Inductors, Power Transformers, High Current Coils, Trapezoidal Windings, High Current Differential Chokes, Pot Core Transformers, Common Mode Chokes, Iron Powder Line Filter Chokes, Output Inductors, Flyback Xfmrs, Toroidal Transformers, Toroidal Choke, custom signal and pulse transformers.

Power Products

Power Magnetics used in AC/DC Switching Supplies, DC/DC Converters, Power Transformers, Input/Output Inductors, High Current Inductors, Common-Mode chokes, Planar Transformers and Gate Drive Transformers.

Telecommunications Transformers

T1/E1/J1, Quad and Octal, AES, XDSL, HDSL, HDSL2, G.HDSL, VDSL, ADSL CO and CPE Transformers, POTS Splitters, Low Pass Filter Inductors, T3/E3/DS3 Transformers.

Medical Products

Medical Products include transformers for medical equipment.

Surface Mount Products

Surface Mount Inductors, Surface Mount Chokes, Surface Mount Transformers, SMT, Low Pass Filters, Drum Core Inductors, SMD Planar Output Inductors.

All products are designed to meet stringent FCC, UL/CSA, IEC, safety agency requirements using recognized materials. Components are manufactured in modern facilities using leading edge automated equipment.

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