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Soprano represents JMC Products, a USA company, who is a leading manufacturer of thermal solutions with facilities around the world. JMC focus on developing cooling products to increase the performance, reliability, and flexibility of your networking, storage, and server systems.

JMC's thermal product line features DC fans and Blowers, including fans used to cool all AMDTM and IntelĀ® processors. JMC's complete line includes PWM control as well as many fixed vane varieties.

The industry standard for measuring the durability of fans is the IP code as published by the International Electrotechnical Commission. JMC also develops and builds fans especially designed to pass salt fog testing.

With operations in Austin, Texas; Europe, Taipei, Taiwan; Hong Kong and Dong Guan, China; JMC is your global source for thermal solutions.

Contact us today to find out more about JMC fans, blowers, Fans for CPU coolers, and more.

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